NBC 26 news recently interviewed Kay regarding the recent fluctuating stock market.

The closing bell Wednesday at the stock market is signaling more financial uncertainty in 2016. The DOW was down more than 500 points earlier in the day, regaining about half before closing bell. Part of the blame is falling oil prices, now the lowest since May of 2003. But experts say there’s more at play here, and people have to think long term with their investments.
When the stock market fluctuates, investors can panic.
“It’s so much a ‘fear and greed’ thing,” says Certified Financial Planner Kay Knuth. “Emotions play a large part, and then rational thought is completely erased.” And experts, like Knuth, say there’s more than cheap gas fueling this downward trend. “There’s other pieces to the picture besides just oil,” says Knuth, “and how it impacts the stock market.”
She says these latest stock market concerns are the “blips” of a global, interconnected economy.
“China is affecting everyone, even though we’re not in their backyard,” says Knuth, “we see improving economies here, in Europe, and china will go through these bumps, and eventually will straighten itself out.” Knuth says people need to be ok with watching their financial plans ride the waves.
“They are going to fluctuate, and that is the beauty of those plans,” adds Knuth, “is that you’re putting money in every paycheck to take advantage of all these different fluctuations.” Rather than pull out of the market, Knuth says it just might be time to spread your investments around. “Diversification in the end is your friend,” reminds Knuth.
Remember, if you’re worried about your investments:
– First, don’t panic, and sit down with a financial advisor.
– Only invest money if you have it.
– Diversify your investments.
– Make sure your investments match your goals.
– And think long term, not in weeks, or months.